Home and Commercial Safes


Our range of home and commercial safes are designed with the latest technology and user-friendly locks - an excellent choice for residential and business customers looking for high security protection of documents, cash and other valuables.



Cobra safes are ideal for stores, restaurants, small businesses and homes when it comes to protecting cash, documents, vital records and other valuable items. Tested and approved by British LPCB, Chubb Cobra safes can resist fire in accordance with Japanese fire test J.I.S S1037 for a maximum of 30 minutes.   




Europa Safes are popular with commercial, banks and residential customers. Tested and conforming to EN1143-1, the Europa range:

  • Incorporates passive and active relockers that resist burglar attacks with a high level of security of grade 0-5.
  • Can be customized with a choice of locking options, deposits, shelves and lockable drawer deposits to meet customer requirements.



Custodian Night Drawer Trap Safes are suitable for supermarkets and retail stores requiring secure deposits of cash or valuables without having to open the safe�s main door.

The Custodian Safe has a drawer trap that allows deposits to be safely dropped into a drawer and upon closing it, contents would fall into the safe compartment below. Retrieval of contents may be done at any pre-specified time. An ''anti-fishing plate'' is also incorporated to reduce illegal access attempts to remove the safe�s contents via the drawer trap.



Other alternatives for high levels of security include our line of hotel safes, fire proof cabinetsstrong rooms and vaultssafe deposit lockers and
bullet resistant glass products.