Safety Control All Year Round


Integrated Security Systems and Solutions

Guard your premises by integrating Chubb''s robust security systems and solutions.

At Chubb, we can seamlessly integrate security systems by incorporating access control, CCTV and remote monitoring verification services. By running all security systems as one, the visibility of your security threats is maximized.  

System benefits:

  • Improved Security Control
  • Reduction in Cost
  • Speed of Installation
  • Easier Maintenance
  • Comprehensive Security Monitoring
  • Continuous Support and Service
  • Reduced Burden on Human Resources
  • Better Management Reporting


Remote Video Verification ServiceS

By selecting Chubb''s remote video verification services, you have a complete picture of the organization''s security situation and can quickly identify and prioritize security problems as well as take preventive measures as necessary.

Chubb takes CCTV to a new level by delivering a sophisticated remote monitoring service with numerous added-value benefits:

  • A real time image of your premises with high speed video transmission
  • Chubb''s promptness in verifying an alarm
  • A reduction in the number of false alarm calls to the Police
  • Chubb can provide Police access to information as and when required
  • Chubb provides �Level One� Police responses
  • All products are competitively priced

AFx / Netvision

CCTV Products

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