Good housekeeping means keeping your work or home areas tidy. Keep combustibles away from potential heat sources, such as safety cans and cabinets. Poor housekeeping and carelessness can not only trigger the outbreak and rapid spreading of fires, but also cause injuries during evacuations.

Some fundamental housekeeping tips include:

  • Keep the accumulation of paper and flammables to a minimum.
  • Provide sufficient ashtrays in smoking areas, but best to promote a smoke-free environment!
  • Ensure all passageways, corridors, staircases and landings as well as smoke lobbies are clear from obstruction at all times.
  • Ensure easy access to sprinklers, fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers and hose reels.
  • Ensure premises have sufficient waste containers that are emptied out on a daily basis.
  • Keep fire doors closed and unlocked at all times.
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