Food Premises


Food Premises 

Cooking activities and electrical systems pose significant fire threats due to the considerable amount of lighting and electrical wiring in food establishments.

In 2005, the Hong Kong Fire Service Department reported approximately 2100 fires were attributed to kitchen etiquette issues or general electric faults.

Chubb provides effective remedies to detect and contain fire in your cooking area.

To keep your food premises free from fires, promote robust and regular housekeeping practices such as:

  • Proper and regular equipment servicing and maintenance.
  • Maintaining your grill duct work free from flammable residues.
  • Keeping stove surfaces clean.
  • Storing away flammable materials from heat producing equipment.
  • Installing dry chemical extinguishers to fight grease fires.
  • Using non-faulty electrical cords.
  • Knowing how to contain an electrical fire. Hint: Do not throw water on fires thinking you can extinguish them!
  • Educating employees the correct use of fire extinguishers.
  • Performing regular fire drills.
  • Providing clear exit routes, emergency action and fire prevention plans. 
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