Fire Extinguishers

Tackling a small fire with a fire extinguisher may make the difference between a small incident and a full scale disaster.

Fire Extinguishers are essential for all businesses because they:

  • Are an insurance requirement.
  • Help preserve your property and the safety of staff and visitors in case of a fire hazard.
  • Facilitate business continuity. Being able to extinguish a fire with the right equipment minimizes disruption to normal business operations.
  • Are regularly serviced and maintained to the highest standards, thus ensuring your safety plans are effective.

Are all Fire Extinguishers the same?

No. Every fire extinguisher consists of a different agent to extinguish fires using the right method. It is essential to identify and understand the different types available so you know which one is suitable for your business.

How to choose the right fire extinguisher
How to use a fire extinguisher

We ensure that fire extinguishers follow all applicable standards and regulations such as:

  • Kitemarked / BAFE approved range of BS EN 3 extinguishers
  • Stamped with CE Mark
  • Installation and servicing complied with BS 5306:2000:Pt 3 & BS 6643



Traditional water extinguishers are recommended for Class ''A'' fires that involve combustible materials such as wood, paper, rubbish and fabrics.



Foam extinguishers are recommended for Class ''B'' fires that involve freely burning material and flammable liquids such as petrol, paint and solvents. 


Powder fire extinguishers are highly effective for Class ''A'' and ''B'' fires, but not suitable for fires that involve electrical equipment.



CO2 Fire extinguishers

Carbon Dioxide extinguishers are highly recognized for their cleanliness and reputable performance and are useful where Class ''B'' electrical fires breakout.