Escape from Fire

If the unfortunate happens and your building suffers from a serious fire, evacuation measures that you have put in place will help people to escape and can ultimately save their lives.

Chubb can help you implement safety evacuation plans with our products and solutions.

Voice Alarms

Voice alarms provide clear and unambiguous warning messages that reduce panic and confusion during an emergency situation - a more intelligent option than the traditional alarms and sirens.

Fire Safety Signage

Complying with the appropriate signs regulations ensures that people at your premises are aware of the fire safety measures and can evacuate safely. 

Emergency Lighting

Required when power supply to normal lighting fails - meet the requirements of BS 5266 Part 1 and BS EN 1838.

fire fighting clothing

Chubb supplies protective clothing for fire fighters in public sector fire services, airports, marines, industrial and wildland fire fighting.