Digital Video Recorders


Digital Video Recorders (DVR)

Chubb''s easy to use DVRs provide enhanced benefits that make them a versatile surveillance device for retail outlets, warehouses, office spaces and other commercial and public areas.







 PC-based digital video recorder:

    • Uses the most advanced overlay hardware to deliver extraordinary image quality in real time and various monitoring modes.
    • Ability to display real-time videos from any camera.
    • User-friendly and easy to operate.
    • Watermark feature that ensures original video images will not be altered or modified, and can be used as evidence when required.
    • Remote client software provides network access to any DVR on LAN/WAN to view live videos from anywhere in the world.
    • Simultaneously monitor a maximum of 16 channels


    Standalone digital video recorder:

    • Split screen display 1, 4 (Qard A/B/C/D), 9, or 16 division in super multi-screen, full or flexible screen.
    • Sequence spot function, live picture and playback capabilities.
    • Video resolutions and recording preferences are adjustable for each channel.
    • Triplex feature that includes real time display, recording and networking.
    • MPEG4 compression code. 
    • Ability to default pre and post alarm recording times.
    • 4 channel simultaneous remote monitoring feature.
    • Pan/Tilt/Zoom control by RS-485 communications portal.
    • A choice of in-built or external backup sources.

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