Biometric Access Control Systems


Biometric Access Control Systems

Biometric technologies use unique physical or behavioral characteristics for human authentication. Such physical elements include fingerprint, face, iris, hand geometry or finger vein; voice, signature and gait for behavioral biometric identification - just to name a few.

Their accuracy rate and fast speed of authentication make biometric technologies the optimum choice for time and attendance measures, access control, identification and fraud prevention businesses.  

Facial Access Control Systems


  • Fast and accurate recognition.
  • User-friendly and highly intuitive.
  • Can be integrated with a corporate web server, Local Area Network (LAN) or PC workstation.
  • Clients can set up, maintain and access information in the device by only using a standard internet browser.
  • Data can be extracted from the built-in online database server to generate real-time reports anytime, anywhere.
Fingerprint Access Control SystemS


  • Supports stand-alone or network operations to optimize security with its powerful User Management Program to perform daily administrative duties.
  • Provides unrivaled facility security and positive identity verification without compromising user convenience.
  • User-friendly installation processes.
  • Fast and simple one-touch enrollment.
  • Verification priority can be assigned to specific users.
  • Low cost, high performance.
Hand Access Control Systems


  • Utilizes field-proven hand geometry technology that maps and verifies the size and shape of a person�s hand in less than one second.
  • As your hand is your access card, it permits entry only to authorized people. By eliminating the use of cards, administration costs are reduced while security levels are increased.
  • Systems can be as simple as one unit in the computer room door to hundreds of units operating as a network from one central location.
  • Fast and easy to use with field proven reliable technology.
  • Can be integrated into existing systems.

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