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Installing robust detection and containment systems minimizes the risks of fire or reduces the losses, should such an unfortunate situation happen.

Chubb provides a variety of robust, high quality products and services that will protect children, employees and visitors, building a fire-hazard free environment.

Some fire safety tips include:
• Teaching your children how to stop, drop and roll on the floor if their clothing catches fire.
• Educating them how to alert an adult if they notice smoke or fire.
• Showing children directions to safe spots outside a burning building, if a fire starts.
• Borrowing books from the library that explain fire safety.
• Visiting your local fire station.
• Keeping all matches and flammables away children’s reach.
• Ensuring all exits, doorways and stairwells are free of clutter at all times.
• Maintaining curtains, blankets and bedspreads away from eat sources such as the stove, space heater, radiators and heat vents.
• Performing regular fire evacations.
• Communicating clear fire evacuation routes, emergency action and fire prevention plans.

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