Fire Safety Products for the Home


Fire Safety Products for the Home 

Safeguarding your home from fire hazards is easy with Chubb''s range of fire safety products. Our qualified consultants can help you identify which products are ideal for you and how to use them.

Carguard and Homeguard
Our Carguard and Homeguard extinguishers are low cost and disposable 1kg dry powder general purpose products ideal for the home and various types of vehicles.

Escape Ladders
Escape ladders are designed to hook over window sills and are available in two sizes:

  • 15ft for escapes from first floor of buildings 
  • 25ft for escapes from the second floor.

Smoke alarms
Smoke alarms are a must for all homes. Chubb offers 3 types of smoke alarms that operate on a 9V battery suitable for most applications.

Carbon Monoxide Detector
Carbon monoxide gas is odourless and colourless. These detectors are ideal for the home where gas or solid fuel fires are evident.

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